Responsibilities at BEF



Illustrating my experience at Bob Evans, Inc. requires a special format due to its unusual nature as Owners Representative, outside of a typical architect’s office.  The daily responsibilities included hundreds of small projects, far too many to list individually.  The following list is intended to answer questions about the nature of my responsibilities:


  • Preliminary planning for new and unique restaurant concept.
  • Special projects:  See Project Management List – Ohio (above)
  • Design development & refinement, detail design.
  • Coordination between conceptual design consultant and consulting architects.
  • Management of architectural and engineering consultants, due diligence, schematic  through construction.
  • Planning, interior design and management of all Bob Evans Headquarters facility renovations.
  • Site planning required for all potential real estate acquisitions, and planning assistance to developers as requested.
  • Plan checking of construction documents for new building designs.
  • Plan checking civil contract documents.
  • Liaison for Permit Specialists.
  • IBC, OBBC, UBC codes and ADA Guideline consulting for Directors & VPs.
  • Representative at City Planning & Zoning Meetings.
  • Resolve site specific permitting and Developer approval issues with these agencies.
  • Construction cost estimating for unique projects (Source:  Means Cost Data & suppliers).
  • Coordination with Facilities Department on equipment revisions, restaurant remodels and other requested construction
  • document revisions.
  • Construction phase problem resolution as requested by Construction Project Managers.
  • Produce AutoCAD documents for miscellaneous restaurant renovation projects.